The Pixel are a Zurich based club-rock band formed in 2010. With members Gill Paolini (lead vocals, bass), Maximilan Schmid (guitar), Leon Sörensen (guitar, backing vocals), Cesare Villiger (Organ & Synth), Leonardo Guadarrama (drums, backing vocals) and an average age of 19 years, the band won a wide variety of prizes and worked with the award-wining music video director Haris Dubica.

Their successes include first place in the "Schweizerischer Jugendmusikwettbewerb" and the "Band it" contest in 2014. Shortly thereafter The Pixel decided to change up their previous style and began to write new songs in English, rather than Swiss-German. Not resting on their laurels, the band recorded their first single "It takes two to tango", at Bungi Studios in Zurich, as part of the Bungi Compilation Vol.1 in May 2015. Continuing their success, the band won the "Mycokemusic Soundcheck" in November 2016.


The next big step will be producing the first studio-album.

Lead Vocals, Bass: Gill Paolini // Guitar: Maximilian Schmid // Guitar, Backing Vocals: Leon Sörensen //
Synth & Organ:
Cesare Villiger //Drums, Backing Vocals: Leonardo Guadarrama